Dear world society,

Have you ever looked at the world that we live in today?  How looking beautiful, skinny, and everything above just to be perfect? How other girls feel insecure about themselves when really they are beautiful in their own way. Beauty isn’t all about the looks. It’s all about what inside. It took me awhile to believe that in myself and it’s probably hard for a lot of girls out there. People need to realize that you don’t have to be thin to like and everyone else. To be beautiful.  I myself had the thought of bulimia and anorexia but don’t do it. You’re going to make yourself sick and soon enough your whole body will turn against you. You will end up getting sicker and sicker and your body. The world society is making these girls want to do this to their body. Just so that they can look thinner.

Hey world society. Did you know that there are also plus sized models out there? Yah. I hope you didn’t forget about them. Guess what, they are drop dead gorgeous.  You should  show them more often instead of these sick looking girls that are a size 0 in everything. To me. That’s not beauty. That’s trying to fucking hard, or they are just plain sick. They are probably the ones messing with their body and are bulimic or anorexic. Help out and tell these teen girls, or whoever out there. That’s its okay to be big and beautiful. You don’t have to be thin, pretty or any of that. Its all about whats inside and people really need to get that into their head. I want people to be happy with that they look like. I don’t want them to have to judge themselves. I’m going to start with myself. I’m going to be happy with what I look like and just keep myself healthy. Now, start with you.


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