Today I was sitting in the café during my spare. I ended up sitting in the corner so I could concentrate on my work and not get bothered by anyone. These grade twelve’s started talking about sex and all that crap and it came to my mind again. Why is sex so important in high school? There really is no point on doing it at all unless you really love the person. It’s a 99% change you will meet the person you marry in high school but there is a 50% chance on getting pregnant by the guy you think you love. High school is where you are supposed to have fun and hang out with your friends, figure out who you are, learn on what you want to become. Not to go around and sleep with every guy you can lay your hands on and getting knocked up. I think that’s why a lot of girls are insecure about themselves. All the guys go for the snobby bitches what just put out. It shouldn’t have to be like that. I look at some of my guy friends that have girlfriends and actually care for them and don’t just want one thing. But these other guys around the school look at the “Pretty” girls (in their eyes but really they make themselves ugly because of their attitude) and look at them like they are fresh meet. Then they don’t bother looking at the ones that have the amazing attitude and are really nice once you get to know them. OH, but that’s right. Guys don’t like to get to know a girl all they wanna do is fuck and dump. I’m not saying that all guys are like this. There is some nice ones out there that are kind and actually care for their girlfriend or even just girls that are just friends and you can talk to them about anything. I think every girl should have that guy that’s a best friend, he would be able to call her beautiful and tell her that she looks great when she’s sick and hug her to death when there is something wrong. Every girl wants that. But its not like I can change anything around this school. I’m just the normal girl trying to get somewhere in life while I watch others fail and watch others that don’t give a fuck like these two guys in front of me. Oh well, maybe people will start to lean but society it just messed up big time now.


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