In less then 24 hours my mom will be gone to Mexico for a week. I will legit be home by myself with my cat and dog. To be honest, I was fine with it till it hit me right now. I have never been alone for that long and with my mother miles and miles away what will I do? But on top of that half my family is going to. Since I have exams starting Wednesday it will keep me busy… but with no sound or anything and just being in this house alone creeps me out. I’ve only lived here since the summer and I’m still getting used to it. I don’t know anyone around me, only my uncle that lives a couple blocks down the road but even he’s going on the trip. Everyone else lives on the mountain including my friends. Also meaning I’m going to have to bus EVERYWHERE if I have to go somewhere. I cant even stay at one of my friends house for the night because my mom said I can’t leave Bella (my dog) by herself all night. Ugh, it sucks big time. But on the bright side. Right after exams I’m going to Cuba. So I am hoping and praying to god that this week will just go by really really fast. Might as well keep an update on here how the week goes… I’m hoping well.


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