First night knowing that my mom as somewhere else, different time zone, and somewhere I’m not with here kicked in. I was actually upset. I miss her. Its weird. Really weird with no one to talk to at home except my dog and cat… but I cant joke around, disagree, or pick on with them. Then I woke up this morning thinking that I still have like 7 more days and 6 more nights without her. It’s ever teenagers dream to be by themselves or living on their own. But really…its lonely and scary. At night is when I start to freak out more and its hard to fall asleep knowing that my mom isn’t in the next room beside mine. I like how she called me though telling me that everything is okay and asking me how I was doing. I was about to cry on the phone but I don’t want her to worry about me or think I’m scared. I probably sound like a baby ahah, but you would miss your mom to right? And having a crappy day, missing your mom, headache, campy, and moody aren’t a great mix. I’m not even tired but I know if I don’t go to bed soon I wont be able to make the city bus in the morning because I’m so used of my mom waking me up in the morning and driving me to school. I am not excited at all but I guess it will move along the day faster. Then I have to get to studying my ass off. Also another thing I’m not excited for. Exams. But after that is a trip to Cuba so I’m not complaining that much. I didn’t do much at all today when I should have been studying. Just means i’ll have to kick my ass into starting tomorrow. // Todays song on repeat, What makes you beautiful by One Direction. God those boys are gorgeous, and their accents… to DIE for!


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