Just one of those days.

Today was just a blah day. I’m trying to post something everyday onto here, but today was a “don’t give two fucks about anything” and I don’t really have much to say.

All I did was sleep in and got up whenever I wanted. Cleaned. And pretty much did nothing till my friend came to get me to go study for our first exam. I needed to get out and get my mind off things and her and her mom make me laugh all the time. It was nice to smile today with so much on my mind. Seven more days till Cuba and I’m just dying to get there. Is it bad to say that I really just want a drink right now? Ugh… 3 exams to do and then I can be in the nice hot sun with my friends. I was waiting on a phone call today from my mom again but I just get a facebook message from her saying that she was sorry that she didn’t get to call because they were all hanging around the beach today. I cant wait till that will be me…plus I just miss her really bad. Well, Its pretty late and I still want to get some studying in so there really isn’t much to say for today. When your having a down day get out of your house and be with someone that makes you smile. It will feel a hell of a lot better then just bumming out around the house alone, that for sure.


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