Craazy Idea.

Okay soo, First off its like 3 am in the fucking morning..and I am going off a monster energy drink. I haven’t posted in a few days because of stupid exams but I am back! But then I wont be able to post anything for a week because I will be in CUBA! Threee more days, so excited. But also, tonight me and my friend thought about an idea for a dance crew. How sick is that? Get some girls that are into hip-hop and make up some dances and maybe post them on youtube? CRAZY idea that popped in my head at like 1:30am. I’m super pumped about it and I have been dancing all night and watching choreography videos. But the whole day I have been studying for my stupid last bio exam. BUT OMG! My momma comes home in less then 24 hours! I miss her like craazzy, but I’m not looking forward for the stuff we have to talk about before I go away… But at least some good things are happening right? Well… I’m gunna get some more dancing done before I start crashing and what to head to bed lol.


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