Such a lazy day with a shit load of studying and packing.
I was so glad to see my mom last night, i missed her and it was just to weird to be home alone for a week. It was fun when it started but then you start to get all creeped out. I learned that I am not ready to move away from home for awhile ahah. Its 1:30am and I finally finished studying and I hope and pray to god that all the shit thats in my head will stay there untill after my bio exam. You know how you get that nervous feeling about an exam? I haven’t had that feeling for any of my exams, guess its a good thing. But also I. Am. Leaving. For. Cuba. In. A. Little. More. Then. 24. Hours. SO PUMPED! I got a busy day tomorrow but I am hopping to make a last post before heading off for the week.
Another thing is. I don’t know if anyone is reading this or not. But if you are thats actaully pretty cool on my side… ahaha. Was just a random thought. Its a crazy world out there and anyone would find anything and be interested in it. But meh, I have a boring life. But I shall go to bed so that I am not dead for my last exam. Wish me luck!


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