What really grinds my gears.

I haven’t wrote on here for a couple weeks. That’s because I’ve just been blah and had other things going on. But right now I don’t even know how to explain how pissed off I am. What really grinds my gears is when someone starts flipping the fuck out on you because or something stupid or unnessesary (hopefully I spelt that since I’m on my phone typing and there is no spell check). But anyways. I’m tired of getting blammed for shit when they do it to! Like really… Stop being a fucking hypocrite. That would have to be my worst pet pev I have and when people do it I tend to want to freak out but instead I shut my mouth so I don’t get introuble. That’s right “trouble” becuase mothers can do anything. Take away your phone, take away the computer, and or ground you. I hate being the “kid” and some parents just need to grow up. That another thing I hate, having a childish mom because she had me at 18 and still acts like a fucking child. If I could write a letter to my mother it would be something like this.
Dear Mother,
I love you and all that but you try standing inside my shoes. You come home and say “well I worked all day”. Well you know what. Your not in school for 6 hours each weekday. You don’t get pushed to have a job AND go to school while someone nip-picks at you to stop being lazy and get shit done in the house. How about you try being a teen again in this society where everything is fucked and everyone cares about how they look and everything. Its not the same when you were my age. And other thing, you leave your clothes laying everywhere, you leave shit places, and I pick after you. So stop being a god damn hypocrite and yelling at me saying I leave shit everywhere. Yah I may have placed something or didn’t get to picking up my clothes in the bathroom but you don’t have to get all devil all up on my ass when I don’t get all up on yours and pick up your shit at the same time. Chill the fuck out. No wonder I don’t talk to you about shit anymore, or go out behind your back to go party even though you know I drink. I still hide it. And I also have another big secret I haven’t told you. And why’s that? Because I can’t talk to you like a daughter should be able to with her own mother. Grow the fuck up before I leave. I’m done with this shit.


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